Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some Commandments of the religion of fish

1. Cults and closed mindedness are not acceptable. The first fish left the sea not accepting the general group think of that time. They are rebel fish that favored evolution over saturation
2. The first fish did not walk on water. It swam in it.
3. Miracles can happen if you give a fish and evolution 50 million years.
4. The fish gods did not originate in the middle east but could have occurred in different corners of the world having shallow water
5. Thou can eat any fish raw or cooked as long as it is eatable. Nothing is sacred in the religion of fish. By eating the fish, you are eating the body of our lord and thus redeemed of your sins
6. Thou shall not turn towards east, west, south, south, bottom and top to pray. Thou can pray in any water, super market freezer or Sunday fish markets.
7. The fish God accepts Evolution and will accept anyone into the fraternity with a good idea towards the evolution.
8. The fish God defined the Heaven as Progress and evolution and Hell as the sea of ignorance and saturation
9. This work and religion is created by a human who is not high. As far as science understanding goes, there is no language in fish and lack the thumbs and fingers to have produced this work.
10. Nobel fish god does not spy on your everyday activities. If it does, it wont commit genocide for your misactions. Everyone is forgiven for their sins.
11. There are no fixed number of Commandments in the religion of fish. The Commandments of the religion of fish evolves with the better understanding of fish and science.

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